Additional Information

Dr. Kutsev B. Ozyoruk received her BSc in mathematics from Bosphorus University in 2014, followed by an MSc. After two years of industry experience as a data scientist at AVL Research and Engineering company, she completed her PhD in biomedical engineering in 2021 at Bosphorus University, where she researched deep learning approaches for localizing capsule endoscopes. She pursued postdoctoral research in computational pathology at Harvard Medical School upon completion of her PhD before joining Dr. Baris Turkbey's group within the Molecular Imaging Branch, National Cancer Institute in 2023. Throughout her research journey, she developed a novel generative artificial intelligence approach for frozen section diagnostic quality improvement, a novel depth estimation method from monocular video, and decision tree-based motion estimation method which is validated in real life traffic scenarios.  Dr. Ozyoruk's current research focus, as a postdoctoral researcher, revolves around developing AI-assisted diagnostic tools for radiology, computational pathology, and endoscopy.