Molecular Imaging Branch Clinical Research Team

Our highly trained physicians develop and conduct a wide range of clinical trials in a quest to develop the medicines of tomorrow.

Patients & Providers

Learn more about participating in or partnering with us to enroll a patient in our clinical trials at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD. Explore whether one may be right for you, a patient, or a loved one.


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Information Technology Specialist
Philip Eclarinal
MRI Technician
Chris Leyson
MRI Technician
Mona Cedo
MRI Technician
Hoa Tieu
MRI Technician
Dagane Darr

Nurses and Patient Care Coordinator

Research Nurse
Yolanda McKinney
Research Nurse
Joy Zou
Nurse Practitioner
Inna Shamis
Patient Care Coordinator
Juanita Weaver