Additional Information

Benjamin Simon joined the Molecular Imaging Branch after graduating with Distinction from Duke University in May 2023, earning a dual degree in Biomedical Engineering (BSE) and Computer Science (BA), with a minor in Global Health. Benjamin is passionate about health equity and the potential for Artificial Intelligence algorithms to contribute to widespread access to actionable and accurate healthcare decisions. Through the NIH OxCam program, Benjamin will work with Dr. Ismail Baris Turkbey at the NCI and Dr. David Clifton at Oxford with a focus on building novel translational machine learning algorithms for cancer treatment outcome prediction. He also intends to explore tools and methodologies that address bias and inequity in algorithmic medical decisions. Outside of research, Benjamin is passionate about teaching and education. He taught multiple courses as a teaching assistant during his time at Duke in the Biology, Computer Science, and Global Health departments through which he came to love mentoring his students, and he remains committed to furthering his training in education and teaching throughout his doctoral degree. Benjamin is also an out-and-proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, passionate about being outspoken in the scientific community and uplifting LGBTQ+ and other marginalized voices.