Current Open Clinical Trials

If you are interested in learning more about the eligibility requirements for any of open studies listed below, please contact the nearest participating University or Christina Mazcko.

To search studies being conducted by other groups please visit Vet Cancer Trials. This will allow you to search by location and tumor type. 

COTC026: Evaluation of a recombinant, attenuated Listeriamonocytogenes expressing a chimeric human HER2/neu protein in dogs with osteosarcoma in the adjuvant setting


All dogs will receive standard of care. Standard of care includes surgical removal of tumor and four doses of carboplatin chemotherapy. Dogs will then receive 3 doses of a HER2-targeting bacterial vaccine. The antimetastatic effects of the vaccine will be compared to standard of care alone. 100 dogs will be enrolled on this study.

Sponsor: Morris Animal Foundation

Study Numbers: 100 dogs anticipated

Status: Currently not enrolling new patients

COTC028: Preclinical Assessment of an oral p97 inhibitor, CB-5339, in Tumor-Bearing Dogs


This clinical trial sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) assesses the safety and effectiveness of an oral investigative agent when given to dogs with cancer. The trial design is a fixed schedule, dose escalation study. The observation period will be 22 days.

Sponsor: National Cancer Institute

Study Numbers: 18-20 dogs

Status: Currently enrolling new patients

Eligibility Requirements

  • Histologically confirmed cancer (dogs with mast cell tumors or hemangiosarcoma are not eligible)
  • Measurable disease that is amenable to biopsies
  • Favorable performance status
  • Both newly diagnosed and those with recurrent/relapse disease are eligible