The NIH GIST Clinic Team

Ann Berger, MD, MSN Pain Management Director
Peter Choyke, MD Radiologist
Jaydira Del Rivero, MD Endocrinologist/Oncologist
Joan Galil, LCSW Clinical Social Worker
John Glod, MD, PhD Pediatric Oncologist/Clinical Director
Donna Gregory, CTRS, MBA Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist
Markku Miettinen, MD Pathologist, Head of Surgical Pathology Section at NCI
Margarita Raygada, PhD, MSC Staff Genetic Counselor
Constantine Stratakis, MD, D(Med)Sc Pediatric Endocrinologist, Scientific Director at NICHD
BJ Thomas, RN, BSN GIST Clinic Coordinator
Lori Wiener, PhD Pediatric Psychosocial Specialist
Miguel Wolfe, PCC Patient Care Coordinator