POB: What to Expect

What happens when we first arrive?

what can we expect?We suggest that you arrive at NIH the day before your first scheduled appointment at the Clinical Center hospital. If you do arrive at NIH on the day before your scheduled appointment, you may go directly to The Children’s Inn and check-in. They will schedule an orientation and the rest of the evening is for you to enjoy. The next morning you will come to the Clinical Center hospital at your appointed time. The Children’s Inn is a very short walk from the hospital or a van is available to bring you back and forth.


The Children’s Inn at NIH offers fully stocked kitchens. Grocery runs to local stores occur several times a week. In addition, a pantry that is usually filled with soups, cereals, and macaroni and cheese boxes is available.

When you are at the hospital, breakfast and lunch bags are available for patients in the clinic. Please speak with your nurse when you arrive, if this is something that you would like for your child. Three meals a day are available for patients being treated in either the day hospital or the inpatient unit.

Bldg10 Cafeteria

One of the cafeterias in Building 10 is located on the B1 Level and its hours of operation for breakfast are from 6:30 to 9:30 am and lunch is served from 11:00 to 2:30 pm. This cafeteria offers selections from such restaurants as Sbarros, Coyote Jack’s Grill, Au Bon Pain as well as sandwiches and a salad bar. A second cafeteria is located in the North Corridor of the second floor with the same lunch hours offering sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, etc. Au Bon Pain is located in the north entrance of Building 10 offering sandwiches, coffee, sodas, pastries, etc.


Your first stop upon arrival at the hospital is the Admissions Desk. As you walk into the lobby, staff at the Information Desk will point out where Admissions is located. Remember to bring custody, adoption or foster care papers with you to show that you are legally able to sign consents for your child’s care if you share custody or are not the biological parent.


Registered dieticians specializing in the care of children with cancer and other illnesses are here to offer you advice and ideas about your child’s nutritional needs. They can also help you with food-related problems. Your primary doctor can make a referral for you to meet with a dietician.