Dr. Sudheer Kumar Gara

Sudheer Kumar Gara, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Thoracic Surgery Branch


Dr. Gara is interested in exploring and identifying novel drug candidates and molecular pathways that are critical for initiation and progression of thoracic malignancies and eventually translate his research findings to develop new clinical trials in the branch that facilitate better outcomes for patients with these neoplasms. He employs wide varieties of techniques, methodologies and the state of art next generation sequencing in an induced pluripotent stem cell model of thoracic cancers.  Additionally, he is passionate towards mentoring summer interns, postbacs and postdoctoral fellows in the branch.

Areas of Expertise

Cancer Genetics
Functional Genomics
Cell Biology
Structural Biology


Selected Key Publications

Metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma display higher mutation rate and tumor heterogeneity than primary tumors.

Gara SK, Lack J, Zhang L, Harris E, Patel D, Nilubol N, Cam M and Kebebew E.
Nat Commun. 9(1): 4172, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Integration of whole genome wide approaches to the analysis of gene regulation and progression of adrenocortical carcinoma.

Gara SK, Wang YH, Patel D, Liu-Chittenden Y, Boufraqech M, Meltzer PS, Kebebew E.
Nucleic Acids Res.. 43(19): 9327-9339, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

Germline HABP2 mutation causing familial nonmedullary thyroid cancer.

Gara SK, Jia L, Merino MJ, Agarwal SK, Zhang L, Cam M, Patel D, Kebebew E.
New Eng. J. Med.. 373(5): 448-455, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

Transforming growth factor beta signaling in myeloid cells is required for tumor metastasis.

Pang Y, Gara SK, Li Z, Achyut BR, Yan HH, Day C, Weiss JM, Wiltrout RH, Trinchieri G, Morris JC, Yang L.
Cancer Discov.. 3(8): 936-951, 2013. [ Journal Article ]

Gr-1+CD11b+ cells are responsible for tumor promoting effect of TGF-β in breast cancer progression.

Li Z, Pang Y, Gara SK, Achyut BR, Heger C, Goldsmith PK, Lonning S, Yang L.
Int. J. Cancer. 131(11): 2584-2595, 2012. [ Journal Article ]