Sridhar Hannenhalli, Ph.D.

Sridhar Hannenhalli, Ph.D.

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Cancer Data Science Laboratory


Sridhar Hannenhalli is a computational biologist with broad interests in gene regulatory mechanisms and evolution, with special focus on eukaryotic transcriptional regulation. His lab harnesses a variety of high-throughput omics data to address fundamental biological questions as they pertain to both normal organismal functions, as well as diseases, with a special emphasis on cancer. Their work involves both methodological development as well as collaborative basic science and clinical applications.

Areas of Expertise

Transcriptional Regulation
Single Cell Omics


Selected Publications

A transcriptionally distinct subpopulation of healthy acinar cells exhibit features of pancreatic progenitors and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Vishaka Gopalan, Arashdeep Singh, Farid Rashidi Mehrabadi, Li Wang, Eytan Ruppin, H. Efsun Arda and Sridhar Hannenhalli
Cancer Research. 2021.
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Predicting tissue-specific gene expression from whole blood transcriptome

Mahashweta Basu, Kun Wang, Eytan Ruppin, Sridhar Hannenhalli
Science Advances. 7(14): 2021.
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Beyond Synthetic Lethality: Charting the Landscape of Pairwise Gene Expression States Associated with Survival in Cancer

Magen A, Das Sahu A, Lee JS, Sharmin M, Lugo A, Gutkind JS, Schäffer AA, Ruppin E, Hannenhalli S
Cell Reports. 28(4): 938-948, 2019.
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Distal CpG islands can serve as alternative promoters to transcribe genes with silenced proximal promoters

Shrutii Sarda, Avinash Das, Charles Vinson, and Sridhar Hannenhalli.
Genome Res. 27(4): 553-566, 2017. [ Journal Article ]

Bayesian integration of genetics and epigenetics detects causal regulatory SNPs underlying expression variability

Avinash Das, Michael Morley, Christine Moravec, WH Wilson Tang, Hakon Hakonarson, MAGNet Consortium, Kenneth B. Margulies, Thomas P. Cappola, Shane Jensen, and Sridhar Hannenhalli.
Nat Commun. 6: 8555, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

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