Shan Li, Ph.D.

Shan Li, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Shan Li's research focuses on deciphering the encryption of the gene regulatory code in eukaryotes, and identify the linkage between regulatory element sequence variations and diseases, especially cancer.

Areas of Expertise

1) computational biology, 2) gene regulation, 3) genomics, 4) machine learning, 5) cancer genomics


Selected Key Publications

Stable enhancers are active in development, and fragile enhancers are associated with evolutionary adaptation

Li S, Kvon EZ, Visel A, Pennacchio LA, Ovcharenko I.
Genome Biol. 20(1): 140, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Quantifying deleterious effects of regulatory variants

Li S, Alvarez RV, Sharan R, Landsman D, Ovcharenko I.
Nucleic Acids Res. 45(5): 2307-2317, 2017. [ Journal Article ]

Human Enhancers Are Fragile and Prone to Deactivating Mutations

Li S, Ovcharenko I.
Mol Biol Evol. 32(8): 2161-80, 2015. [ Journal Article ]

Enhancer jungles establish robust tissue-specific regulatory control in the human genome.

Li S, Ovcharenko I.
Genomics. 112(3): 2261-2270, 2020. [ Journal Article ]

SNPDelScore: combining multiple methods to score deleterious effects of noncoding mutations in the human genome

Alvarez RV, Li S, Landsman D, Ovcharenko I.
Bioinformatics. 34(2): 289-291, 2018. [ Journal Article ]