Sima Zadeh Bedoya, PsyD

Sima Zadeh Bedoya, Psy.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Sima Zadeh Bedoya, Psy.D., is a pediatric clinical psychologist in the Psychosocial Support and Research Program of the Behavioral Health Core. As both a clinician and scientist, her work focuses on providing psychosocial support to pediatric patients and their families. Her current research is focused on advance care planning and end-of-life support in adolescents and young adults, assessing distress in pediatric patients, social isolation in medically isolated patients, pediatric amputation practices, parental needs and coping, and sibling issues.  Dr. Zadeh Bedoya also provides staff support both within the Pediatric Oncology Branch and staff bereavement support throughout the NIH Clinical Center. 

Areas of Expertise

Pediatric Cancer
Psychosocial Oncology
Therapeutic Support
Therapeutic Resources
End Of Life
Social Isolation In Medical Isolation


Selected Key Publications

Opening end-of-life discussions: How to introduce Voicing My CHOiCES™, an advance care planning guide for adolescents and young adults

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When silence is not golden: Engaging adolescents and young adults in discussions around end-of-life care choices

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Social Media Use in Pediatric Oncology: Tweets, Blogs, and Boundaries

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Maintaining Competent Teams in Pediatric Oncology

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This is My World Workbook

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