Leah Cook

Leah M. Cook, Ph.D.

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  • National Cancer Institute
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I am a cancer biologist with a focus on metastasis and the metastasis microenvironment. The goal of my research program is to identify mechanisms associated with bone metastatic prostate cancer, specifically, the underpinnings of the immune-tumor bone environment that contribute to metastatic disease.

Areas of Expertise


Selected Key Publications

Androgen receptor inhibition suppresses anti-tumor neutrophil response against bone metastatic prostate cancer via regulation of TβRI expression

Alsamraae M, Costanzo-Garvey D, Teply BA, Boyle S, Sommerville G, Herbert ZT, Morrissey C, Dafferner AJ, Abdalla MY, Fallet RW, Kielian T, Jensen-Smith H, deOliveira EI, Chen K, Bettencourt IA, Wang JM, McVicar DW, Keeley T, Yu F, Cook LM.
Cancer Lett. Nov 28;579: 216468, 2023. [ Journal Article ]

Prostate cancer addiction to oxidative stress defines sensitivity to anti-tumor neutrophils

Costanzo-Garvey DL, Case AJ, Watson GF, Alsamraae M, Chatterjee A, Oberley-Deegan RE, Dutta S, Abdalla MY, Kielian T, Lindsey ML, Cook LM.
Clin Exp Metastasis. Aug;39(4): 641-659, 2022. [ Journal Article ]

Neutrophils are mediators of metastatic prostate cancer progression in bone

Costanzo-Garvey DL, Keeley T, Case AJ, Watson GF, Alsamraae M, Yu Y, Su K, Heim CE, Kielian T, Morrissey C, Frieling JS, Cook LM.
Cancer Immunol Immunother. Jun;69(6): 1113-1130, 2020. [ Journal Article ]

Betaglycan drives the mesenchymal stromal cell osteogenic program and prostate cancer-induced osteogenesis

Cook LM, Frieling JS, Nerlakanti N, McGuire JJ, Stewart PA, Burger KL, Cleveland JL, Lynch CC.
Oncogene. Oct;38(44): 6959-6969, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Predictive computational modeling to define effective treatment strategies for bone metastatic prostate cancer

Cook LM, Araujo A, Pow-Sang JM, Budzevich MM, Basanta D, Lynch CC.
Sci Rep. Jul 14;6: 29384, 2016. [ Journal Article ]

Job Vacancies

Position Degree Required Contact Name Contact Email
Postdoctoral Fellow - bone metastasis, immunology Ph.D. or equivalent Leah Cook
Postdoctoral Fellow - cancer metabolism, metastasis Ph.D. or equivalent Leah Cook


Predoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
Sanjana Rajgopal


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