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Kaska Wloka, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Laboratory of Pathology


Dr. Wloka heads the Clinical Research Correlatives Core, which provides full flow cytometry service to the CCR’s clinical investigators, including development of state-of-the-art spectral flow-based assays for evaluation of clinical protocol endpoints and research correlatives.

Areas of Expertise

1) immunology, 2) spectral flow cytometry 3) immunophenotyping 4) inflammation 5) leukocyte migration


Selected Publications

Loss of circulating CD4 T cells with B cell helper function during chronic HIV infection

Kristin L Boswell, Robert Paris, Eli Boritz, David Ambrozak, Takuya Yamamoto, Sam Darko, Kaska Wloka, Adam Wheatley, Sandeep Narpala, Adrian McDermott, Mario Roederer, Richard Haubrich, Mark Connors, Julie Ake, Daniel C Douek, Jerome Kim, Constantinos Petrovas, Richard A Koup
PLoS pathogens. 1/2: 2014.
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CD4 T follicular helper cell dynamics during SIV infection

Constantinos Petrovas, Takuya Yamamoto, Michael Y Gerner, Kristin L Boswell, Kaska Wloka, Emily C Smith, David R Ambrozak, Netanya G Sandler, Katherina J Timmer, Xiaoyong Sun, Li Pan, Amanda Poholek, Srinivas S Rao, Jason M Brenchley, S Munir Alam, Georgia D Tomaras, Mario Roederer, Daniel C Douek, Robert A Seder, Ronald N Germain, Elias K Haddad, Richard A Koup
The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 122/9: 2012.
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Topical glucocorticoid therapy directly induces up-regulation of functional CXCR4 on primed T lymphocytes in the aqueous humor of patients with uveitis

S John Curnow, Kaska Wloka, Jeff M Faint, Nicole Amft, C M Gemmy Cheung, Vijay Savant, Janet Lord, Arne N Akbar, Christopher D Buckley, Philip I Murray, Mike Salmon
The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 172/11: 7154-61, 2004.
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