Dr. Hidetaka Ohnuki, LCO Staff Scientist Profile Photo

Hidetaka Ohnuki, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Ohnuki’s research focuses on molecular mechanisms in angiogenesis and hematopoiesis. Recently, he developed a single-cell method for iterative epigenomic analyses in the same single cells. He applies the single-cell technology to research on perivascular niches in physiological hematopoiesis and in the context of oncogenesis and cancer evolution.

Areas of Expertise

Single Cell Epigenomics
Vascular Biology
Tumor Angiogenesis
Peri-vascular Niches
Molecular Biology
Gene Regulatory Networks


Selected Key Publications

Iterative Epigenomic Analyses in the Same Single Cell.

Ohnuki H., Venzon D.J., Lobanov A., Tosato G
Genome Res.. 31: 1819-1830, 2021.
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Reusable Single Cell for Iterative Epigenomic Analyses

Ohnuki H., Venzon D.J., Lobanov A., Tosato G
J. Vis. Exp.. 180: 2022.
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EphrinB2 controls vessel pruning through STAT1-JNK3 signalling

Salvucci O.(*), Ohnuki H.(*), Maric D., Hou X., Li X., Yoon S.O., Segarra M., Eberhart C.G., Acker-Palmer A., Tosato G
Nat. Commun.. 6:6576: 2015.
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Semaphorin 6A regulates angiogenesis by modulating VEGF signaling

Segarra M.(*), Ohnuki H. (*), Maric D, Salvucci O, Hou X, Kumar A, Li X, Tosato G
Blood. 120(19): 4104-15, 2012.
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BAZF, a novel component of cullin3-based E3 ligase complex, mediates VEGFR and Notch cross-signaling in angiogenesis

Ohnuki, H., Inoue, H., Takemori, N., Nakayama, H., Sakaue, T., Fukuda, S., Miwa, D., Nishiwaki, E., Hatano, M., Tokuhisa, T., Endo, Y., Nose, M., Higashiyama, S
Blood. 119(11): 2688-2698, 2012.
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