Govind Kunduri, Ph.D.

Govind Kunduri, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Kunduri’s research is focused on phospholipid and sphingolipid metabolism in development and disease. In particular, he applies Drosophila genetics, advanced imaging, and biochemical techniques to dissect physiological and pathophysiological functions of ceramide phosphoethanolamine (CPE), a structural analogue of sphingomyelin in Drosophila. His work on CPE has shed lights on neuron-glia interactions in photosensitive epilepsy and endocytic membrane traffic in male meiosis cytokinesis.

Areas of Expertise

Membrane Biology
Neuron-glia Interactions
Light Inducible Seizures
Membrane Traffic
Male Meiotic Cytokinesis


Selected Recent Publications

Delivery of ceramide phosphoethanolamine lipids to the cleavage furrow through the endocytic pathway is essential for male meiotic cytokinesis

Kunduri G, Le SH, Baena V, Vijaykrishna N, Harned A, Nagashima K, Blankenberg D, Yoshihiro I, Narayan K, Bamba T, Acharya U, Acharya JK
PLoS Biol.. 20(9): 2022.
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Defective cortex glia plasma membrane structure underlies light-induced epilepsy in cpes mutants

Kunduri G, Turner-Evans D, Konya Y, Izumi Y, Nagashima K, Lockett S, Holthuis J, Bamba T, Acharya U, Acharya JK
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 115(38): E8919-E8928, 2018.
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Phosphatidic acid phospholipase A1 mediates ER-Golgi transit of a family of G protein-coupled receptors

Kunduri G, Yuan C, Parthibane V, Nyswaner KM, Kanwar R, Nagashima K, Britt SG, Mehta N, Kotu V, Porterfield M, Tiemeyer M, Dolph PJ, Acharya U, Acharya JK
Journal of Cell Biology. 206(1): 79-95, 2014.
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