Gianluca  Pegoraro, Ph.D.

Gianluca Pegoraro, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Pegoraro heads the High-Throughout Imaging Facility (HiTIF), which provides CCR investigators with the expertise and the technology needed to set-up, optimize and implement high-content imaging (HCI) assays. HCI assays are used to analyze large numbers of experimental conditions, such as in functional genomics or chemical compounds screens. In addition, the HiTIF applies HCI in combination with single-cell image and data analysis to quantify exceedingly rare but biologically important events in heterogeneous populations of cells.

Areas of Expertise

1) high-content imaging 2) functional genomics 3) epigenetics


Selected Key Publications

Dynamic imaging of nascent RNA reveals general principles of transcription dynamics and stochastic splice site selection

Wan, Yihan; Anastasakis, Dimitrios G; Rodriguez, Joseph; Palangat, Murali; Gudla, Prabhakar; Zaki, George; Tandon, Mayank; Pegoraro, Gianluca; Chow, Carson C; Hafner, Markus; Larson, Daniel R
Cell. 184(11): 2878-2895.e20, 2021.
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A Deep Learning Pipeline for Nucleus Segmentation

Zaki, George; Gudla, Prabhakar R; Lee, Kyunghun; Kim, Justin; Ozbun, Laurent; Shachar, Sigal; Gadkari, Manasi; Sun, Jing; Fraser, Iain D C; Franco, Luis M; Misteli, Tom; Pegoraro, Gianluca
Cytometry Part A. 97(12): 1248-1264, 2020.
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Extensive Heterogeneity and Intrinsic Variation in Spatial Genome Organization

Finn, Elizabeth H; Pegoraro, Gianluca; Brandão, Hugo B; Valton, Anne-Laure; Oomen, Marlies E; Dekker, Job; Mirny, Leonid; Misteli, Tom
Cell. 176(6): 1502-1515.e10, 2019.
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Transcriptional Bursting and Co-bursting Regulation by Steroid Hormone Release Pattern and Transcription Factor Mobility

Stavreva, Diana A; Garcia, David A; Fettweis, Gregory; Gudla, Prabhakar R; Zaki, George F; Soni, Vikas; McGowan, Andrew; Williams, Geneva; Huynh, Anh; Palangat, Murali; Schiltz, R Louis; Johnson, Thomas A; Presman, Diego M; Ferguson, Matthew L; Pegoraro, Gianluca; Upadhyaya, Arpita; Hager, Gordon L
Molecular Cell. 75(6): 1161-1177.e11, 2019.
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Identification of Gene Positioning Factors Using High-Throughput Imaging Mapping

Shachar, Sigal; Voss, Ty C; Pegoraro, Gianluca; Sciascia, Nicholas; Misteli, Tom
Cell. 162(4): 911-923, 2015.
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