Andres Lebensohn, Ph.D.

Andres M. Lebensohn, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Our lab studies regulatory mechanisms that enable cell signaling pathways to produce distinct cellular outcomes in different biological contexts, such as during embryonic development and in adult tissue homeostasis. We believe this context-specific regulation of cell signaling can also be targeted therapeutically to selectively reduce hyperactive signaling in disease states like cancer, while retaining the physiological level of pathway activity necessary for normal tissue homeostasis and regeneration. We focus on WNT signaling, a fundamental pathway that orchestrates patterning and morphogenesis during embryonic development, promotes tissue renewal and regeneration in adults, and can be a potent cancer driver when it becomes dysregulated. We use powerful genetic screens in human cells to discover new regulatory mechanisms, and probe their molecular underpinning through biochemistry and cell biology.

Areas of Expertise

1) cell signaling, 2) WNT/R-spondin pathway, 3) embryonic development, 4) stem cells/tissue homeostasis, 5) haploid genetic screens/functional genomics, 6) biochemical dissection/reconstitution


Selected Key Publications

Receptor control by membrane-tethered ubiquitin ligases in development and tissue homeostasis

Lebensohn AM†, Bazan JF†, Rohatgi R†. †Corresponding authors.
Current Topics in Developmental Biology. Volume 150: 25-89, 2022.
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R-spondins engage heparan sulfate proteoglycans to potentiate WNT signaling

Dubey R*, van Kerkhof P, Jordens I, Malinauskas T, Pusapati GV, McKenna JK, Li D, Carette JE, Ho M, Siebold C, Maurice M, Lebensohn AM*†, Rohatgi R†. *Contributed equally; †Corresponding authors.
eLife. 9: e54469, 2020.
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Discovery of gene regulatory elements through a new bioinformatics analysis of haploid genetic screens

Patel BB*, Lebensohn AM*†, Pusapati GV, Carette JE, Salzman J†, Rohatgi, R†. *Contributed equally; †Corresponding authors.
PLoS ONE. 14(1): e0198463, 2019.
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R-spondins can potentiate WNT signaling without LGRs

Lebensohn AM†, Rohatgi R†. †Corresponding authors.
eLife. 7: e33126, 2018.
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Comparative genetic screens in human cells reveal new regulatory mechanisms in WNT signaling

Lebensohn AM, Dubey R, Neitzel LR, Tacchelly-Benites O, Yang E, Marceau CD, Davis EM, Patel BB, Bahrami-Nejad Z, Travaglini KJ, Ahmed Y, Lee E, Carette JE, Rohatgi R.
eLife. 5: e21459, 2016.
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