Dr. Amy LeBlanc quoted in Proto magazine article

Sep 13, 2016

Dr. Amy LeBlanc, staff scientist and director of the Comparative Oncology Program, was quoted in a clinical research article in Proto Magazine. The article discusses comparative oncology and using dogs, who get cancer naturally like humans, for cancer research instead of mice, who get cancer artificially.

NIH featured on Universum’s most attractive employers list

Sep 8, 2016

The NIH is now listed on Universum’s Most Attractive Employers list, and Andrea Apolo, principal investigator in CCR’s Genitourinary Malignancies Branch, is the NIH’s featured employee success story. She says she is in awe of the work that happens at the NCI and “translating biomedical research into clinical work is a dream come true.”  Learn more...

Steven Rosenberg discusses immunotherapy on “What it Takes” podcast series

Sep 7, 2016

“His work is helping to revolutionize the way cancer will be treated in the future.” Steven Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D., senior investigator and chief of the Surgery Branch, was recently featured on the Academy of Achievement’s “What it Takes” podcast series, which features “intimate, revealing conversations with towering figures in their fields.” In the episode, “Finding a cure for cancer,” Rosenberg tells the story of his journey and dogged determination in developing immunotherapy and “creating tomorrow’s medicine” to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mary Jordan. We also hear from one of his patients.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Aug 26, 2016

In honor of our patients, their families, and caregivers, members of the Pediatric Oncology Branch will be talking a lot about childhood cancer research, treatment, prevention and survivorship during the month of September.  Our activities will kick off on September 1st with a live Google Hangout on Air.

Learn more...

Waldmann discusses the "the second coming of daclizumab"

Aug 24, 2016

Dr. Waldmann, NIH Distinguished Investigator and Chief of the Lymphoid Malignancies Branch, discusses his 35-year odyssey with daclizumab.

Sadhana Jackson, M.D.

Blood-brain barrier: the "Holy Grail' of neuro-oncology

Aug 24, 2016

"People like me say…we need to find a way…"  Sadhana Jackson, a physician researcher with the Neuro-Oncology Branch, discusses the challenges of delivering drug treatments to brain tumors in an interview with HemOnc Today. Read More...

Faith, hope, and determination help teenager fight a rare cancer

Aug 19, 2016

Our clinical research is not possible without exceptional people like teenager, Terran Dupree, who is enrolled on a mesothelioma clinical trial in CCR’s Pediatric Oncology Branch. Physician-scientist Rosie Kaplan calls Terran “a strong, beautiful young lady with a big open heart.”Read More...

Clinical trials on pets moving cancer research forward

Aug 19, 2016

Science magazine profiled CCR’s Comparative Oncology Program, which coordinates a nationwide network of veterinary oncologists running clinical trials with pet animals suffering with cancer. Read More...

Little patients are our biggest heroes

Aug 8, 2016

Meet nine year old Travis, a gregarious, energetic boy, who is being cared for by Dr. Brigitte Widemann and her clinical team in CCR’s Pediatric Oncology Branch. Travis is participating in a clinical trial evaluating a new treatment for a condition called, Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1).  People with NF1 are at an increased risk of developing a variety of tumors, both cancerous and non-cancerous.  Other complications include pain, difficulty moving, and disfigurement. Current treatment options are very limited. Travis is on a trial that is evaluating a potential medicine called a MEK inhibitor.  Early results show that MEK inhibitors can shrink some tumors, and that the shrinkage can result in reduced pain and improved function.  Read more about his story here…

Use of low-dose chemo with CAR T cells to treat advanced lymphoma

Aug 4, 2016

In this video, Dr. Stephanie Goff, Staff Clinician in the Surgery Branch, discusses a study investigating the use of low-dose chemotherapy with anti-CD19 CAR T-cells for the treatment of  advanced lymphoma.