Clinical trial researching immunotherapy for lung cancer

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Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), when diagnosed in its earlier stages, is typically treated with surgery. However, the tumors often return after surgery. A clinical trial led by David S. Schrump, M.D., M.B.A., FACS, Chief of the Thoracic Surgery Branch, is researching combination immunotherapy and drug therapy to potentially reduce the likelihood of NSCLC tumors coming back after surgery. The trial will take place at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and there is no cost for participation.

For more information, please contact Lydiah Mutumbi, R.N., at (240) 858-7562 or identifier: NCT05642195

NCI Protocol ID: 000520

Official Title: Phase I/II Evaluation of a Cancer Lysate Vaccine and Montanide® ISA-51 VG With or Without the IL-15 Super-Agonist N-803 as Adjuvant Therapy for PD-L1 Negative Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Posted on Tue, 09/05/2023