Travel Information

Lodging and Meals

  • Patients age 29 and under are eligible to stay free of charge at the Children’s Inn. If room is not available at the Children’s Inn, then the patient and guests will be housed at a local hotel at no charge.
  • Patients age 26 and over pay for their own hotel accommodations, unless special considerations need to be made. If approved for financial assistance, then the patient and guests will be housed at a local hotel at no charge. If the patient chooses not to stay at one of the hotels that NIH reserves for them, then a reimbursement of $50/night towards hotel accommodations will be given. 
  • All patients will receive $8 per night for food. For patients under the age of 21 an additional $8 will be provided to the guardian daily. These amounts may be slightly different from year to year.


Normally patients are responsible for their first time travel to the NIH for the first GIST clinic they attend, unless special considerations need to be made.

For all visits after the initial one, the following guidelines apply:

  • For patients 21 and under, airfare for the patient and one guardian is provided.
  • For patients over 21, airfare is provided for the patient only.
  • Travel expenses are only authorized for patients residing outside a 50-mile radius of the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland.
  • For patients who reside less than 50 miles from the NIH, neither travel expenses nor food vouchers are provided.
  • For patients who reside outside the United States, airfare will be provided from the closest point of entry within the United States.
  • Free round trip shuttle service is available from the three local Washington, DC airports.

The Children's Inn at NIH


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