Ariel E. Mariscano, M.D.

Ariel E. Marciscano, M.D. 2017 NCI Immunotherapy Fellowship Co-Sponsored by SITC and NCI CCR

Medical Oncology Service: Immunotherapy Fellowship

Ariel E. Marciscano, M.D.

Immunotherapy Fellow, Medical Oncology Service & Radiation Oncology Branch at National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Q: Your first views or thoughts once coming aboard the program?

As a radiation oncologist and translational scientist, I am interested in the intersection of radiotherapy and immunotherapy and how these approaches can be combined to benefit cancer patients. I saw the NCI Immunotherapy fellowship, co-sponsored by SITC as an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and work with a multi-disciplinary team that is dedicated to advancing immuno-oncology.

Q: How has your experience in the program been?

A: Transitioning to the CCR, NCI has been an amazing and eye-opening experience. I have been very impressed with the seamless integration of preclinical and clinical teams which truly fosters bench-to-bedside research efforts and bedside-to-bench discovery to inform future clinical trials.

A Recent Success

My experience at NIH: The NCI immunotherapy fellowship, co-sponsored by SITC has been a wonderful experience and excellent opportunity to advance my career. Each day I have the privilege to work with experts in the field of immuno-oncology and participate in innovative first-in-human clinical trials. It has been an honor to join the team at the NCI and to provide hope to our patients.

"Benefits from my Immunotherapy Fellowship"

Exposure and Opportunities

There are a surplus of opportunities to attend laboratory meetings, join inpatient rounds and participate in a number of immuno-oncology clinics, multi-disciplinary conferences and site-specific tumor boards. The NCI also hosts many state-of-the-art scienfitic meetings where international experts share new data and insights on the rapidly evolving landscape of immuno-oncology. In the past month, I’ve been able to attend the CCR’s Center of Excellence in Immunology Symposium – ‘Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: From Conception to Delivery,” hosted right here in Building 10 and also travelled to the 2017 SITC annual meeting.

Why Apply for the NCI Immunotherapy Fellowship Co-Sponsored by SITC?

This fellowship is a unique training experience that provides a rich academic environment to learn the basics and nuance of immunotherapy as well as the clinical management of patients treated with these IO agents. The invaluable skills gained in clinical trial design/methodology and opportunities for research productivity are a launchpad for future success in academia.