Office of the Clinical Director at CCR

The Office of the Clinical Director serves as the interface between CCR and the NIH Clinical Center, the nation's largest hospital devoted entirely to clinical research. The NIH Clinical Center includes 242 in-patient beds and 90 day-hospital stations, which house units and clinics where cancer and HIV patients are treated on CCR clinical trials. CCR's Clinical Director, Dr. William L. Dahut, oversees and assures the quality of medical care delivered to patients participating in CCR clinical trials. This office also supports CCR's clinical research program by providing biostatistical expertise for trial design and analysis, administrative support for the protocol review and monitoring process, training of clinical research personnel, an outreach program to promote patient accrual, data management, auditing and monitoring of in-house and multi-institutional trials, and informatics for data collection and storage.

Medical Oncology Service

The Medical Oncology Service, directed by Dr. James L. Gulley, provides outstanding care to patients enrolled in CCR clinical trials, trains physician-scientists, and conducts clinical research across a spectrum of diseases and mechanisms.

Clinical Director
William L. Dahut, MD
Ph: 240.760.6070
Deputy Clinical Director
Cheryl Royce, RN, MSN, CRNP
Ph: 240.760.6186
Deputy Clinical Director Emeritus
Caryn Steakley, RN, MSW
Ph: 240.858.3749
Director, Medical Oncology Service
James L. Gulley, MD, PhD
Ph: 301.480.7164
NCI Protocol Review Office - 301.624.8799

Administrative Staff

Administrative Manager
Martha Shaw, MA
Ph: 240.858.3748

Program Specialist
Jasmine Abdi
Ph: 240.858.3046 

Clinical Research Operations

Office of Research Nursing
Corrine Keen, RN, MS, OCN, Acting Director
Ph: 240.760.6097

Office of Education and Compliance
Elizabeth Ness, RN, MS
Ph: 240.858.3747

Biostatistics & Data Management
Seth Steinberg, PhD
Ph: 240.276.5563

Office of Clinical Support Services
Allison Wise
Ph: 240.781.4017

Protocol Support Office
Cheryl Royce, RN, MSN, CRNPActing Director
Ph: 240.760.6186

Office of Sponsor and Regulatory Oversight
Shy Shorer, M.D.
Ph: 240.276.5096

Blood and Tissue Processing Core (BTPC)
Doug Figg, PharmD
Ph. 240.760.6179