Armando Filie, M.D.

Senior Clinician
Head, Cytopathology

Dr. Filie has promoted the utilization of new ancillary techniques and well-established ancillary tests in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases in cytology. His recent studies have demonstrated that minute amounts of cytology material are sufficient for detecting EGFR and KRAS mutation and diagnosing cytomegalovirus infection.

Dr. Filie also oversees the clinical research efforts of the Cytopathology Section, Laboratory of Pathology, which centers around the application of emerging molecular techniques to cytology where conventional processing methods and well-established ancillary techniques fall short in providing sufficient information for an accurate cytologic diagnosis.

Areas of Expertise
1) Cytopathology 2) Fine needle aspiration 3) Immunocytochemistry 4) Thyroid cytology 5) Melanoma cytology

Contact Info

Armando Filie, M.D.
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute
Building 10 - Magnuson CC, Room 2A19
Bethesda, MD 20892
Ph: 301-480-8055
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Selected Publications

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Dr. Filie is a graduate of the Santos School of Medical Sciences, Brazil. He completed residency training in Anatomic Pathology at Georgetown University Medical Center and fellowship training in Cytopathology at George Washington University Medical Center. After his fellowship, Dr. Filie joined the NCI in 1996 and serve as the director of the ACGME-accredited cytopathology fellowship training program at the Laboratory of Pathology, NCI. Dr. Filie's clinical research interests are related to the application of new ancillary techniques to cytopathology, immunocytochemistry, fine needle aspiration and thyroid.

Name Position
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Keith Brosky Cytotechnologist
Dana Erickson Cytotechnologist
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