Women's Malignancies Branch: For Patients

The Women’s Malignancies Branch (WMB) is committed to developing new treatments for patients with breast and gynecologic malignancies in order to improve the outcomes for patients with these diseases. The members of WMB conduct basic and translational research and integrate laboratory research findings into hypothesis-driven clinical trials for these malignancies. We encourage patients to explore our website and contact us for questions related to our research and clinical trial opportunities. 


Educational Resources for Patients

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Patient Referrals

New Patients

Cynthia Boyle
Referral Nurse
Office of the Clinical Director
NCI Center for Cancer Research
Ph: 240.760.6006

Existing/Returning Patients

Mireya Gomez
Patient Care Coordinator
Women's Malignancies Branch
NCI Center for Cancer Research
Ph: 240.858.3273