Requirements for Submissions

All submissions must:

  • be submitted by a current NIH or FDA fellow. The work does not need to have been done at the NIH/FDA. However, the submitter must be an author on the document and be in compliance with the intended journal's authorship guidelines or general good authorship practices. 
  • be complete. Each manuscript submitted to FEB must be in its full and completed format as if being submitted to a journal. All pages should be numbered and should include all sections required by the intended journal or at least a title page, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, figures, legends, formatted references and acknowledgments section. 
  •  be free of obvious spelling errors. Please do a final spell check in your word processing program before submitting. 
  •  be formatted according to the intended journal's instructions to authors (if applicable). 


Please verify that your submission is:

  • in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 
  • is accompanied by a completed Submission Form (or Resubmission Form, if applicable.) 

Send document(s) to the Editorial Board's Senior Editor at


General information:

  • Authors can meet confidentially with Board members upon request. 
  • The Board will not comment on the scientific merit of any document reviewed. 
  • Repeat submissions of manuscripts that have been reviewed by the Board are encouraged. Please use the Resubmission Form in the sidebar to resubmit. 


Authors are encouraged to:

  •  complete and return the NIH Fellows Editorial Board Feedback form within 10 days of receipt of the written FEB editorial review. 
  •  acknowledge the NIH Fellows Editorial Board in any Board-reviewed document that is subsequently published. 
  • provide copies of peer reviewer and editorial comments received upon submission of a manuscript. 
  • provide a reprint (hard-copy or electronic) of any Board-reviewed document that is subsequently published. 


Final report to authors:

A report of the Editorial Board’s findings will be provided within a minimum of 10 business days of the first submission of a manuscript and within 7 business days of the second and subsequent submissions. Authors will be notified if any change is anticipated to this schedule. Authors will receive an electronic document containing editorial comments and suggestions for revision. Authors may receive a hard copy of their documents with editorial comments and revisions noted, upon request. 

All submissions to and communications with the NIH Fellows Editorial Board will be kept strictly confidential. 

For further questions please e-mail the Senior Editor of the NIH Fellows Editorial Board at