Surgical Oncology Research and Cancer Immunotherapy Fellowships

The Fellowships in Surgical Oncology Research and Cancer Immunotherapy at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) encompass two time-honored programs combining bench-side research in surgical oncology with training in clinical research through direct patient care.  The unique environment of the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) allows for direct bedside-to-bench and bench-to-bedside translational research under the direction of world leaders in surgical oncology.

Two- and three-year research programs are available.

Description of Fellowships

Infographic showing time breakdowns the Surgical Oncology Research Fellowship

Surgical Oncology Research Fellowship

This 2-year fellowship includes 18 months of bench laboratory experience in one of the many NCI laboratories and 6 months of clinical rotations over three surgical oncology subspecialties. Clinical research opportunities are available over the entire 2-year period. Additional optional research years may be available.

Fellowship in Cancer Immunotherapy

This 3-year fellowship incorporates an additional year of clinical experience in the management of patients undergoing cell-based cancer immunotherapy developed in the Surgery Branch of the NCI. Basic science experience is dedicated to work in one of the multiple immunotherapy laboratories within the NCI and participation in this fellowship is complemented by additional didactic opportunities in cancer immunotherapy.

Fellowship Directors

Jeremy L. Davis, M.D.
Program Director

Jonathan M. Hernandez, M.D.
Assistant Program Director

Program Administrators

Ms. Joanna Lamot
Ph: 240.858.3731

Ms. Danielle Stewart
Ph: 240.858.3875


All CCR residents and clinical fellows train at the 240-bed NIH Clinical Center, internationally recognized as the premier hospital dedicated to translational research and clinical care. Elective rotations offer residents and clinical fellows the opportunity to have direct experience in the care of patients enrolled in investigational protocols in the disciplines allergy and immunology, anatomic pathology, critical care medicine/internal medicine, hematopathology, infectious diseases, medical genetics, and transfusion medicine. Participants will have first-hand exposure to the design, conduct, and management of clinical trials. 

All of CCR’s clinical training programs are part of Graduate Medical Education at NIH

Surgical Oncology Research Fellows 2018

How to Apply

The Surgical Oncology Fellowship commences on July 1st. Applications are accepted throughout the year. A statement of interest in the program, curriculum vitae and three (3) letters of recommendation can be sent directly to the Program Administrator. Alternatively, interested applicants may submit materials through the NIH Graduate Medical Education page.

For More Information

Please contact the Program Administrator, Joanna Lamot, for additional information.

Application materials, including CV, letters of recommendation and cover letter, may be sent directly to the Program Administrator.

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Fellowship Faculty

Name Position Specialty
Dr. Jeremy Davis Program Director Surgical Oncology
Dr. Jonathan Hernandez Assistant Program Director Surgical Oncology
Dr. Steven Rosenberg Chief, Surgery Branch Cancer Immunotherapy
Dr. David Schrump Senior Investigator Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Chuong Hoang Investigator Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Richard Sherry Associate Research Physician Cancer Immunotherapy
Dr. James Yang Senior Investigator Cancer Immunotherapy
Dr. Stephanie Goff Associate Research Physician Cancer Immunotherapy
Dr. Naris Nilubol Assistant Clinical Investigator Endocrine Surgery
Dr. Samira Sadowski Assistant Clinical Investigator Endocrine Surgery

Didactics and Clinical Research

Multiple educational conferences highlighting the principles of clinical research are integrated throughout the fellowship experience.

Surgical Oncology Fellows’ Educational Conference

Weekly lecture series throughout the academic year with presentations from NCI faculty addressing the fundamentals of clinical study design and interpretation, design and progress of current NCI clinical trials, and fellow-led debates on current questions in surgical oncology.

Weekly Clinical Conference

Weekly departmental meeting similar to a Grand Rounds and Morbidity/Mortality conference focusing on management of challenging cases of the NCI Surgical Oncology Clinical Service.

Surgical Oncology Fellows’ Journal Club

Monthly, fellow-run Surgical Oncology Journal Club focusing on seminal and current studies across general, thoracic and endocrine surgical oncology.

Surgical Oncology Clinical Research Meeting

Bi-monthly, clinical research think-tank focused on the development and support of clinical research projects for fellows.

Multidisciplinary Oncology Meetings

Multiple clinically and translationally oriented meetings focus on care of complex general surgical oncology, thoracic and endocrine diseases:

  • NIH Foregut Team manages patients with tumors of the esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas and bile ducts
  • Thoracic Tumor Board
  • Endocrine Oncology Tumor Board

NIH-wide Lecture and Educational Opportunities

Diverse, NIH-wide lecture series focusing on basic science, translational and clinical work as well as traditional classroom educational opportunities in basic and clinical science available through the NIH Graduate School.

Recent Alumni

Complex General Surgical Oncology

  • Chenwi Ambe, MD
    Moffitt Cancer Center

  • Reed Ayabe, MD
    LAC Harbor UCLA Medical Center

  • Joal Beane, MD

  • Jessica Crystal, MD
    Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

  • Jeremy Davis, MD
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • Lindy Davis, MD
    Roswell Park Cancer Institute

  • Timothy Frankel, MD
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • Danielle Hari, MD
    John Wayne Cancer Institute, Santa Monica, CA

  • Jenny Hong, MD
    Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

  • Young Ki Hong, MD
    University of Louisville

  • Kshama Jaiswal, MD
    National Cancer Medical Center, Dallas, TX
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • Mio Kitano, MD
    The Ohio State University

  • Mei Li Kwong, MD
    Loma Linda University

  • Russell Langan, MD
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • John Mullinax, MD
    Moffitt Cancer Center

  • Peter A. Prieto, MD
    MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Luke Rothermel, MD
    Moffitt Cancer Center

  • Nicholas Schaub, MD
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Jennifer Tseng, MD
    University of Chicago

Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Scott Atay, MD
    MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Clinton Kemp, MD
    The Johns Hopkins University

  • Kiran Lagisetty, MD
    University of Michigan

  • R. Taylor Ripley, MD
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • Christopher Scott, MD
    Duke University

  • Trevor Upham, MD
    University of California, San Diego

Breast Surgical Oncology

  • Kshama Jaiswal, MD
    National Cancer Medical Center, Dallas, TX
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • Tristen Park, MD
    Duke University

  • Sarah Treter, MD
    Yale University

Endocrine Surgery

  • Yasmine Assadipour, MD
    University of California, Los Angeles

  • Aarti Mathur, MD
    The Johns Hopkins University

  •  Reza Rahbari, MD
    Cleveland Clinic

  • Syed Shah, MD
    Duke University

  • Ashley Stewart, MD
    MD Anderson Cancer Center

Hepatobiliary Surgery

  • Rachel Beard, MD
    University of Pittsburg Medical Center

  • Simon Turcotte, MD
    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Colorectal Surgery

  • Melissa Alvarez-Downing, MD
    Cleveland Clinic, Florida

Pediatric Surgery

  • Manish Raiji, MD
    University of Chicago


Class Starting in 2019

Class Starting in 2018

Class Starting in 2017

Class Starting in 2016

Class Starting in 2015


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