Surgical Oncology

The Surgical Oncology Fellowship trains surgeons committed to academic careers in the growing field of surgical oncology. The program instructs surgical oncologists in a combined modality approach to the evaluation and treatment of cancer patients that includes primary surgical treatment, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy; and provides a solid basis for the conduct of clinical and laboratory research. The Surgical Oncology Fellowship is a two-year training program of which six months of the first year are dedicated to clinical training in surgical oncology with rotations on various clinical surgical services. Eighteen months are spent in one of the laboratories of the Thoracic and Gastrointestinal Oncology Branch or the Surgery Branch dedicated to basic science and translational research. For those interested in clinical immunotherapy, a year preceding or following the research fellowship are offered to select candidates under Dr. Steven A Rosenberg.


The Surgical Oncology Fellowship is open to surgeons who have either completed at least 2 years of surgical residency or have successfully completed surgical residency training. Applications are accepted throughout the year and decisions are made for acceptance as qualified applicants are identified.

How to Apply

The Surgical Oncology Fellowship commences on July 1st. Applications are accepted throughout the year. A statement of interest in the program, curriculum vitae and 3 letters of recommendation can be sent directly to the Program Administrators. Alternatively, interested applicants may submit materials through the NIH Graduate Medical Education page.

For More Information

Please contact the Program Director, Dr. Jeremy Davis, for additional information.

Application materials, including CV, letters of recommendation and cover letter, may be sent directly to one of the Program Administrators.

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Fellowship Director

Jeremy L. Davis, MD
Director, Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program
Ph: 301.402.9284

Faculty Leadership:
Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief, Surgery Branch

David S. Schrump, MD, MBA
Surgical Chief, Thoracic and
Gastrointestinal Oncology Branch

Program Administrators

Ms. Joanna Lamot
Ph: 301.496.2126

Ms. Jan Pappas
Ph: 301.496.2127

All CCR residents and clinical fellows train at the 240-bed NIH Clinical Center, internationally recognized as the premier hospital dedicated to translational research and clinical care. Elective rotations offer residents and clinical fellows the opportunity to have direct experience in the care of patients enrolled in investigational protocols in the disciplines allergy and immunology, anatomic pathology, critical care medicine/internal medicine, hematopathology, infectious diseases, medical genetics, and transfusion medicine. Participants will have first-hand exposure to the design, conduct, and management of clinical trials. 

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