Yan Lin Yu, Ph.D.

Yan Lin Yu, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Yu’s major research interest is the complex molecular and genetic mechanisms in genesis and progression to the metastatic state of cancer, in order to identify candidate molecular targets or signaling pathways for the mechanistic enlightenment, clinical diagnosis and therapeutic utility, as well as preventing cancer. His current studies focus on interaction between tumor cell and microenvironment especially immune system in tumor metastasis, role of PTEN in metastatic suppression pathway and mechanisms of organs specific metastasis.

Areas of Expertise

tumor metastasis, mouse models, tumor immunology, metastatic melanoma and rhabdomyosarcoma, Ezrin, PTEN


Selected Key Publications

A novel combination treatment against melanoma with NRAS mutation and therapy resistance

Yanlin Yu
EMBO Mol Med.. May;10(5): pii: e8573, 2018.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

AXL/AKT axis mediated-resistance to BRAF inhibitor depends on PTEN status in melanoma

Zuo Q, Liu J, Huang L1,2, Qin Y, Hawley T, Seo C, Merlino G, Yu Y.
Oncogene. Jun;37(24): 3275-3289, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

PHLPP1 mediates melanoma metastasis suppression through repressing AKT2 activation

Yu Y, Dai M, Lu A, Yu E, Merlino G.
Oncogene. Apr;37(17): 2225-2236, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Ezrin mediates both HGF/Met autocrine and non-autocrine signaling-induced metastasis in melanoma

Huang L, Qin Y, Zuo Q, Bhatnagar K, Xiong J, Merlino G, Yu Y.
Int J Cancer. Apr 15;142(8): 1652-1663, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Expression profiling identifies the cytoskeletal organizer ezrin and the developmental homeoprotein Six-1 as key metastatic regulators

Yu Y, Khan J, Khanna C, Helman L, Meltzer PS, Merlino G.
Nat Med. 10: 175-81, 2004. [ Journal Article ]