photo of Roxane Khoogar

Roxane Khoogar, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
RNA Biology Laboratory


I earned my PhD in Molecular Medicine (Molecular Pharmacology) from the university of Texas in May 2019. During my PhD, I studied the regulatory role of the oncogene EWSR1/FLI1 on subpopulation dynamics by analyzing the temporal single-cell transcriptomics profiles of Ewing sarcoma cancer model when EWSR1/FLI1 fluctuates. In 2019, I joined Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute as a fellow of Harvard Medical school to understand the molecular landscape guiding tumor evolution during treatment. My research was focused on understanding the heterogeneity in Osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma and the evolution of cancer using patient samples. I used circulating tumor cells (CTCs) to study genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. My postdoctoral research was supported by the Harvard Medical School Fellowship. In 2021, I joined Dr. Colin Wu lab to apply high-throughput sequencing approaches, such as ribosome profiling, RNA structure chemical probing, and tRNA-seq for my second postdoc to understand the mechanism of drug resistance mediated by epigenetic modifiers impacting translation initiation and elongation in cancers.

Outside of lab, I like swimming, painting and dancing. I also love spending time with my two-year-old daughter reading books, playing games, and walking my dogs.

Areas of Expertise

Single-cell RNAseq
RNA Modification