Minh  Bui, Ph.D.

Minh Bui, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Minh is interested in understanding how the histone H3 variant, CENP-A, is regulated in cancer cells.

Areas of Expertise

Molecular Genetics


Selected Publications

Cell-Cycle-Dependent Structural Transitions in the Human CENP-A Nucleosome In Vivo

Bui M, Dimitriadis EK, Hoischen C, An E, Quénet D, Giebe S, Nita-Lazar A, Diekmann S, Dalal Y.
Cell. 150: 317-26, 2012. [ Journal Article ]

Promiscuous Histone Mis-Assembly Is Actively Prevented by Chaperones

Zhao H, Winogradoff D, Bui M, Dalal Y, Papoian GA
J Am Chem Soc. 138(40): 13207-13218, 2016. [ Journal Article ]

Mass Spectrometry-Based Methodology for Identification of Native Histone Variant Modifications From Mammalian Tissues and Solid Tumors

Nuccio AG, Bui M, Dalal Y, Nita-Lazar A.
Methods Enzymology. 586: 275-290, 2017. [ Journal Article ]

Internal modifications in the CENP-A nucleosome modulate centromeric dynamics.

Bui M, PItman M, Nuccio A, Roque S, Donlin-Asp PG, Nita-Lazar A, Papoian GA, Dalal Y.
Epigenetic Chromatin. 10:17.: 2017. [ Journal Article ]