Max J Gordon, M.D.

Max Jacob Gordon, M.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Lymphoid Malignancies Branch


Max Gordon is a medical oncologist who specializes in the treatment of patients with lymphoma. His research focuses on improving the care of patients with all lymphomas, particularly T-cell lymphomas, by developing novel clinical trials and understanding the impact of whole person health on cancer outcomes. His group has ongoing clinical trials using targeted therapies and plans to open additional trials utilizing these as well as autologous CAR T-cells to treat patients with T-cell lymphomas.    

Areas of Expertise

Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Hodgkin Lymphoma
Clinical Trials
Diet And Exercise

Information for Patients

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Selected Recent Publications

Safety and efficacy of ibrutinib in combination with rituximab and lenalidomide in previously untreated follicular and marginal zone lymphoma: An open label, phase 2 study

Gordon MJ, Feng L, Strati P, Lee HJ, Hagemeister FB, Westin JR, Samaniego F, Marques-Piubelli ML, Vega Vazquez F, Parra Cuentas ER, Solis-Soto LM, Ma W, Wang J, Claret L, Averill B, Ibanez K, Fayad LE, Flowers CR, Green MR, Davis RE, Neelapu SS, Fowler NH, Nastoupil LJ.
Cancer. Epub ahead of print: 2023. [ Journal Article ]

A single-cell atlas of CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T cells

Li X, Henderson J, Gordon MJ, Sheikh I, Nastoupil LJ, Westin J, Flowers C, Ahmed S, Wang L, Neelapu SS, Strati P, Deng Q, Green MR.
Cancer Cell. 41(11): 1835-1837, 2023. [ Journal Article ]

Influence of treatment intensity and medical comorbidities in older adults with peripheral T cell lymphoma

Gordon MJ, Duan Z, Zhao H, Nastoupil L, Ng S, Danilov AV, Iyer S, Giordano SH.
Leuk Lymphoma. 64(14): 2258-2268, 37706491. [ Journal Article ]

TRES, a validated three-factor comorbidity score, is associated with survival in older patients with mantle cell lymphoma

Gordon MJ, Bond DA, Kittai AS, Amirmokhtari N, Steinbrunner A, Huffman A, Orellana-Noia V, Shouse G, Cohen JB, Phillips T, Danilov AV.
Haematologica. 108(11): 3110-3114, 2023. [ Journal Article ]

Long-term outcomes in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia treated with ibrutinib: Focus on hypertension and cardiovascular toxicity

Gordon MJ, Jones JE, George B, Peterson C, Burger JA, Jain N, Keating M, Wierda WG, Durand JB, Ferrajoli A.
Cancer. 129(14): 2192-2200, 2023. [ Journal Article ]