Kellsye P. Fabian, PhD

Kellsye P. Fabian, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Center for Immuno-Oncology


Dr. Fabian is an immunologist whose research interests involve cancer vaccines and the development of innovative combination therapies for the treatment of cancer. Her focus is on the strategic combination of multiple immuno-oncology agents that can engage, expand, enable, and evolve the immune response to provide therapeutic benefits in several tumor types. Her goal is to investigate novel immunotherapeutic approaches, such as cancer vaccines, immune checkpoint inhibitors, cell therapies, and immune-modulating agents to inform future clinical trials.

Areas of Expertise

Cancer Immunotherapy
Tumor Biology
Combination Therapy
Cancer Vaccines
Immune Modulation
NK Cell Therapy


Selected Recent Publications

Differential combination immunotherapy requirements for inflamed (warm) tumors versus T cell excluded (cool) tumors: engage, expand, enable, and evolve

Fabian KP, Padget MR, Fujii R, Schlom J, Hodge JW
J Immunother Cancer. 9(2): e001691, 2021.
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Therapy of established tumors with rationally designed multiple agents targeting diverse immune-tumor interactions: engage, expand, enable

Fabian KP, Malamas AS, Padget MR, Solocinski K, Wolfson B, Fujii R, Abdul Sater H, Schlom J, Hodge

Cancer Immunol Res. 9(2): 239-252, 2020.
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Tumor control via targeting PD-L1 with chimeric antigen receptor modified NK cells

Robbins Y, Greene S, Friedman J, Clavijo PE, Van Waes C, Fabian KP, Padget MR, Abdul Sater H, Lee JH, Soon-Shiong P, Gulley J, Schlom J, Hodge JW, Allen CT

Elife. 9: e54854, 2020.
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PD-L1 targeting high-affinity NK (t-haNK) cells induce direct antitumor effects and target suppressive MDSC populations

Fabian KP, Padget MR, Donahue RN, Solocinski K, Robbins Y, Allen CT, Lee JH, Rabizadeh S, Soon-Shiong P, Schlom J, Hodge JW
J Immunother Cancer. 8(1): e000450, 2020.
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