Kayla F. Titialii-Torres, Ph.D.

Kayla F. Titialii-Torres, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Kayla Titialii-Torres is a developmental biologist interested in developmental programming, particularly in the context of adult biological processes. She is currently a postdoc in Erin Davies lab using planaria to investigate adult pluripotent stem cell programming during embryonic development.

Areas of Expertise

Developmental Biology


Selected Recent Publications

Embryonic hyperglycemia perturbs the development of specific retinal cell types, including photoreceptors

Titialii-Torres KF, Morris AC
J. Cell Sci.. 135 (1): 2022.
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Proteasome-Mediated Regulation of Cdhr1a by Siah1 Modulates Photoreceptor Development and Survival in Zebrafish

Piedade WP, Titialii-Torres K, Morris AC, Famulski JK
Front Cell Dev Biol.. 8: 2020.
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Her9/Hes4 is required for retinal photoreceptor development, maintenance, and survival

Coomer CE, Wilson SG, Titialii-Torres KF, Bills JD, Krueger LA, Petersen RA, Turnbaugh EM, Janesch EL, Morris AC
Sci Rep. 10: 2020.
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