Katherine M. McKinnon

Katherine M. McKinnon

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Vaccine Branch


Kathy McKinnon has thirty-three years of laboratory experience (including thirty years in flow cytometry). This includes eleven years of industry experience setting up and running Core facilities at Human Genome Sciences and Celera, as well as over two years as a field-based Technical Applications Specialist for BD Biosciences. During the past twenty-three years, she has gained an extensive knowledge of flow cytometry instruments and applications including: multi-color immunophenotyping of human, non-human primate, and murine tissues and cells; cell cycle analysis; apoptosis analysis utilizing Annexin V, TUNEL, Active Caspase 3, JC1 and Apo2.7; proliferation analysis with BrdU, Ki67, and PCNA; intracellular cytokine analysis in human, non-human primate and murine cells; stem cell analysis in human and murine systems; cancer stem cell analysis; cell sorting; rare-event cell sorting; calcium flux; analysis and sorting of fluorescent proteins; quantitative flow cytometry; target validation of proteins from genomic and proteomic analysis; and bead array analysis of soluble proteins and cytokines. Katherine has experience with HIV, SIV, HTLV and both solid and hematological cancers.

Areas of Expertise

Flow Cytometry


Selected Publications

Glucocorticoid Treatment at Moderate Doses of SIVmac251-Infected Rhesus Macaques Decreases the Frequency of Circulating CD14(+)CD16(++) Monocytes But Does Not Alter the Tissue Virus Reservoir

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LGR5 positivity defines stem-like cells in colorectal cancer

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Setting objective thresholds for rare event detection in flow cytometry

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Glucocorticoids upregulate decreased IL-7 receptor expression in asthmatic patients and simian immunodeficiency virus-infected non-human primates

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Antiviral activity of biological response modifiers in a murine model of AIDS. Requirement for augmentation of natural killer cell activity and synergy with oral AZT

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