John M. Fenimore, M.S., Ph.D.

John M. Fenimore, M.S., Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Prostate Cancer Genetics Section


Dr. John Fenimore is a biologist interested in investigating the immunological and metabolic shifts in cancer and it’s immune environment within the cancer niche. He is also interested in learning more about human disease directly. His current research combines multiplex-immunofluorescence, murine models, and understanding the changes in the metabolic and immunological landscape of prostate cancer progression.

Areas of Expertise

1) Immunology; 2) Metabolism; 3) Animal Models


Selected Publications

IFN-γ and androgens disrupt mitochondrial function in murine myocytes

John M Fenimore, Danielle A Springer, Maria E Romero, Elijah F Edmondson, Dan W McVicar, Sudhirkumar Yanpallewar, Michael Sanford, Thea Spindel, Elizabeth Engle, Thomas J Meyer, Julio C Valencia, Howard A Young
Journal of Pathology.
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Myeloid-Derived Suppressive Cell Expansion Promotes Melanoma Growth and Autoimmunity by Inhibiting CD40/IL27 Regulation in Macrophages

Julio C Valencia, Rebecca A Erwin-Cohen, Paul E Clavijo, Clint Allen, Michael E Sanford, Chi-Ping Day, Megan M Hess, Morgan Johnson, Jie Yin, John M Fenimore, Ian A Bettencourt, Koichi Tsuneyama, Maria E Romero, Kimberly D Klarmann, Peng Jiang, Heekyong R Bae, Daniel W McVicar, Glenn Merlino, Elijah F Edmondson, Niroshana Anandasabapathy, Howard A Young
Cancer Research.
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Multi-omics: Differential expression of IFN-γ results in distinctive mechanistic features linking chronic inflammation, gut dysbiosis, and autoimmune diseases

Heekyong R Bae, Patrick S C Leung, Deborah L Hodge, John M Fenimore, Seon-Min Jeon, Vishal Thovarai, Amiran Dzutsev, Andrew A Welcher, Michael Boedigheimer, Michael A Damore , Myung-Sook Choi, Richard A Fravell, Giorgio Trinchieri, M Eric Gershwin, Howard A Young
Journal of Autoimmunity.
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The interplay of type I and type II interferons in murine autoimmune cholangitis as a basis for sex-biased autoimmunity

Heekyong R Bae, Deborah L Hodge, Guo-Xiang Yang, Patrick S C Leung, Sathi Babu Chodisetti, Julio C Valencia, Michael Sanford, John M Fenimore, Ziaur S M Rahman, Koichi Tsuneyama, Gary L Norman, M Eric Gershwin, Howard A Young
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