Jeremy L. Davis, M.D.

Jeremy L. Davis, M.D.

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Dr. Jeremy L. Davis is surgical oncologist whose research focuses on sporadic and inherited forms of stomach cancer, specifically those caused by germline mutations in the CDH1 gene, and the molecular underpinnings of gastric cancer development and metastasis.  Dr. Davis is board certified in both Complex General Surgical Oncology and General Surgery.

Areas of Expertise

1) gastric cancer 2) pancreatic cancer 3) hepatic metastasectomy 4) minimally-invasive and robotic surgery

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Selected Key Publications

Early immune changes support signet ring cell dormancy in CDH1-driven hereditary diffuse gastric carcinogenesis.

Green BL, Gamble LA, Diggs LP, Nousome D, Patterson JC, Joughin BA, Gasmi B, Lux SC, Samaranayake SG, Miettinen M, Quezado M, Hernandez JM, Yaffe MB, Davis JL.
Mol Cancer Res. 2023. [ Journal Article ]

Costs of Cancer Prevention: Physical and Psychosocial Sequelae of Risk-Reducing Total Gastrectomy

Gallanis AF, Gamble LA, Samaranayake SG, Lopez R, Rhodes A, Rajasimhan S, Fasaye GA, Juma O, Connolly M, Joyce S, Berger A, Heller T, Blakely AM, Hernandez JM, Davis JL. Costs of Cancer Prevention: Physical and Psychosocial Sequelae of Risk-Reducing Total Gastrectomy
J Clin Oncol. 2023. [ Journal Article ]

Cancer surveillance as an alternative to prophylactic total gastrectomy in hereditary diffuse gastric cancer: a prospective cohort study

Asif B, Sarvestani AL, Gamble LA, Samaranayake SG, Famiglietti AL, Fasaye GA, Quezado M, Miettinen M, Korman L, Koh C, Heller T, Davis JL.
Lancet Oncol.. 2023. [ Journal Article ]

Decision-making and regret in patients with germline CDH1 variants undergoing prophylactic total gastrectomy.

Gamble LA, Grant RRC, Samaranayake SG, Fasaye GA, Koh C, Korman L, Asif B, Heller T, Hernandez JM, Blakely AM, Davis JL.
J Med Genet.. 2022. [ Journal Article ]

Association Between Hereditary Lobular Breast Cancer Due to CDH1 Variants and Gastric Cancer Risk

Gamble LA, Rossi A, Fasaye GA, Kesserwan C, Hernandez JM, Blakely AM, Davis JL.
JAMA Surg. epub: 2022. [ Journal Article ]


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