Constance M. Yuan, M.D., Ph.D.

Constance M. Yuan, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Building 10 - Magnuson CC, Room 3S252A
  • Bethesda, MD 20892
  • 301-480-8077
Laboratory of Pathology


Dr. Yuan received her M.D and Ph.D. from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. She completed her clinical pathology training at the University of Pennsylvania, and her anatomic pathology and hematopathology training at the University of Florida in Gainesville FL, where she also served as faculty. She joined the NCI Flow Cytometry Unit in July 2006. Dr. Yuan seeks to advance the field of clinical multiparamenter flow cytometry specifically in hematolymphoid neoplasia, and has a special interest in the application of proliferation assessment.

Areas of Expertise

Flow Cytometry
Hermatolymphoid Neoplasia


Selected Publications

Distinguishing hairy cell leukemia variant from hairy cell leukemia: development and validation of diagnostic criteria

Shao H, Calvo KR, Gr├Ânborg M, Tembhare PR, Kreitman RJ, Stetler-Stevenson M, Yuan CM.
Leuk. Res.. 37: 401-9, 2013. [ Journal Article ]

Quantification of expression of antigens targeted by antibody-based therapy in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Tembhare PR, Marti G, Wiestner A, Degheidy H, Farooqui M, Kreitman RJ, Jasper GA, Yuan CM, Liewehr D, Venzon D, Stetler-Stevenson M.
Am. J. Clin. Pathol.. 140: 813-8, 2013. [ Journal Article ]

Case study interpretation--Portland: Case 1. Hairy cell leukemia with CLL-like monoclonal B lymphocytosis

Tembhare P, Yuan CM, Xi L, Marti G, Raffeld M, Stetler-Stevenson M.
Cytometry B Clin Cytom. 82: 177-9, 2012. [ Journal Article ]

Flow cytometric differentiation of abnormal and normal plasma cells in the bone marrow in patients with multiple myeloma and its precursor diseases

Tembhare PR, Yuan CM, Venzon D, Braylan R, Korde N, Manasanch E, Zuchlinsky D, Calvo K, Kurlander R, Bhutani M, Tageja N, Maric I, Mulquin M, Roschewski M, Kwok M, Liewehr D, Landgren O, Stetler-Stevenson M.
Leuk. Res.. 38: 371-6, 2014. [ Journal Article ]

Anti-CD22-chimeric antigen receptors targeting B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Haso W, Lee DW, Shah NN, Stetler-Stevenson M, Yuan CM, Pastan IH, Dimitrov DS, Morgan RA, FitzGerald DJ, Barrett DM, Wayne AS, Mackall CL, Orentas RJ.
Blood. 121: 1165-74, 2013. [ Journal Article ]