Colm S. O'Huigin, Ph.D.

Colm S. O'Huigin, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


A background in both computational and in experimental biology, leads naturally to an interest in research that interfaces both approaches. In the areas of inflammation and cancer unravelling the complex patterns of change and regulation of molecules of adaptive (MHC, KIR) and innate (Trim5, IL28B) immunity have provided both bioinformatic and experimental challenges that are being met using comparative sequence analysis and inference. Research interest is also turning to the selective forces associated with immunity.

Areas of Expertise

Computational Biology
Experimental Biology


Selected Publications

LILRB2 interaction with HLA class I correlates with control of HIV-1 infection

Bashirova AA, Martin-Gayo E, Jones DC, Qi Y, Apps R, Gao X, Burke PS, Taylor CJ, Rogich J, Wolinsky S, Bream JH, Duggal P, Hussain S, Martinson J, Weintrob A, Kirk GD, Fellay J, Buchbinder SP, Goedert JJ, Deeks SG, Pereyra F, Trowsdale J, Lichterfeld M, Telenti A, Walker BD, Allen RL, Carrington M, Yu XG.
PLoS Genet.. 10: e1004196, 2014. [ Journal Article ]

Association of HLA-DRB1-restricted CD4? T cell responses with HIV immune control

Ranasinghe S, Cutler S, Davis I, Lu R, Soghoian DZ, Qi Y, Sidney J, Kranias G, Flanders MD, Lindqvist M, Kuhl B, Alter G, Deeks SG, Walker BD, Gao X, Sette A, Carrington M, Streeck H.
Nat. Med.. 19: 930-3, 2013. [ Journal Article ]

Association study of common genetic variants and HIV-1 acquisition in 6,300 infected cases and 7,200 controls

McLaren PJ, Coulonges C, Ripke S, van den Berg L, Buchbinder S, Carrington M, Cossarizza A, Dalmau J, Deeks SG, Delaneau O, De Luca A, Goedert JJ, Haas D, Herbeck JT, Kathiresan S, Kirk GD, Lambotte O, Luo M, Mallal S, van Manen D, Martinez-Picado J, Meyer L, Miro JM, Mullins JI, Obel N, O'Brien SJ, Pereyra F, Plummer FA, Poli G, Qi Y, Rucart P, Sandhu MS, Shea PR, Schuitemaker H, Theodorou I, Vannberg F, Veldink J, Walker BD, Weintrob A, Winkler CA, Wolinsky S, Telenti A, Goldstein DB, de Bakker PI, Zagury JF, Fellay J.
PLoS Pathog.. 9: e1003515, 2013. [ Journal Article ]

Distinct assembly profiles of HLA-B molecules

Rizvi SM, Salam N, Geng J, Qi Y, Bream JH, Duggal P, Hussain SK, Martinson J, Wolinsky SM, Carrington M, Raghavan M.
J. Immunol.. 192: 4967-76, 2014. [ Journal Article ]

Increased incidence and disparity of diagnosis of retinoblastoma patients in Guatemala

Dean M, Bendfeldt G, Lou H, Giron V, Garrido C, Valverde P, Barnoya M, Castellanos M, Jiménez-Morales S, Luna-Fineman S.
Cancer Lett.. 351: 59-63, 2014. [ Journal Article ]

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