Christina H. Stuelten, M.D., Ph.D.

Christina H. Stuelten, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Stuelten’s research focuses on TGF-beta signaling and its role in cell migration, tissue repair and tumor disease. Her work has led to the identification of mechanisms that underlie tumor progression and wound-promoted tumor growth.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Stuelten currently studies (1) Mechanisms of TGF-beta - induced alternative splicing; (2) the effect of Smurf2 loss on wound healing of the skin; (3) and the effect of stromal Smurf2 loss on tumor progression.


Selected Publications

Smurf2 Regulates Inflammation and Collagen Processing in Cutaneous Wound Healing through Transforming Growth Factor-β/Smad3 Signaling

Stuelten CH, Melis N, Subramanian B, Tang Y, Kimicata M, Fisher JP, Weigert R, Zhang YE.
American Journal of Pathology. 192: 1699 - 1711, 2022.
Full-Text Article
[ Journal Article ]

Transforming Growth Factor-β: An Agent of Change in the Tumor Microenvironment.

Stuelten CH, Zhang YE
Front Cell Dev Biol.. 9: 764727, 2021. [ Journal Article ]

TGF-β-induced alternative splicing of TAK1 promotes EMT and drug resistance.

Tripathi V, Shin JH, Stuelten CH, Zhang YE
Oncogene. 38(17): 3185-3200, 2019. [ Journal Article ]

Cell motility in cancer invasion and metastasis: insights from simple model organisms.

Stuelten CH, Parent CA, Montell DJ
Nat Rev Cancer. 18(5): 296-312, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

SDF-1a mediates wound-promoted tumor growth in a syngeneic orthotopic mouse model of breast cancer

Stuelten CH, Cervoni-Curet FN, Busch JI, Sutton E, Webster JD, Kavalukas SL, Wakefield LM, Barbul A, Niederhuber JE.
PLoS ONE. Apr 11;8(4): e60919, 2013. [ Journal Article ]