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Annie Gilbert, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


CENP-A is a centromeric histone H3 variant that serves a critical role in connecting spindle microtubules to centromeres to accurately segregate chromosomes in mitosis. CENP-A is overexpressed in several cancers, and this excess CENP-A is deposited ectopically at fragile chromosomal sites. Previous work shows that H3.3 chaperones and oncogenic lncRNAs mediate mislocalization of CENP-A, and these components serve as exciting therapeutic targets to prevent chromosome fragility. In this work, we are using small molecules to target lncRNA-chaperone complexes to disrupt ectopic deposition of CENP-A and further investigate the mechanism of this CENP-A mislocalization pathway.

Areas of Expertise

1) chemical tool development 2) small molecule synthesis