CCR Women Scientist Advisors

Representing and supporting our women scientists


CCR’s current WSA representatives are listed below.

Kathrin Muegge
Kathrin Muegge, MD
Frederick Representative
Anuradhu Budhu
Anuradha Budhu, PhD
Staff Scientist Representative
Fatima Karzai
Fatima Karzai, MD
Staff Clinician Representative
Shalini Oberdoerffer
Shalini Oberdoerffer, PhD
Bethesda Representative
Shioko Kimura
Shioko Kimura, PhD
Bethesda Representative
Kandice Tanner
Kandice Tanner, PhD
Bethesda Representative

CCR Office of the Director Liaisons

Beverly Mock, Ph.D., CCR Deputy Director

Meredith Metzger, Ph.D., Scientific Program Analyst

Kathy Easterday, Administrative Assistant


General questions can be sent to the WSA’s mailbox at

CCR Staff Only: To learn more about WSA activities and events, visit CCR Women Scientist Advisors

Rosalind E. Franklin Award

Annual Rosalind E. Franklin Award Lecture

Established in 2002, the Rosalind E. Franklin prize honors the commitment of women in cancer research. This award, given at the annual NCI Intramural Investigators Retreat, is a tribute to Dr. Franklin, an accomplished chemist and X-ray crystallographer who played a critical role in the discovery of the DNA double helix structure.

Past Award Winners

2022 - Christine Friedenreich, Cancer Care Alberta, Alberta Health Services, “Physical Activity Across the Cancer Continuum: From Discovery to Recommendations”

2021 - Sara Courtneidge, Oregon Health & Science University, "Invadopodia-mediated Effects on Both Invasive Behavior and the Tumor Immune Microenvironment"

2019 - Flora E. van Leeuwen, Netherlands Cancer Institute, "Second Malignancy Risk After Cancer Treatment:  From Old Medical Records to Survivorship Care Programs"

2018 - Suzanne Topalian, Johns Hopkins University, "Targeting Immune Checkpoints: A Common Denominator Approach to Cancer Therapy" 

2017 - Silvia Franceschi, International Agency for Research on Cancer, “The Unequal Burden of Cancer Attributable to Infections Across the World

2016 - Kornelia Polyak, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, “Breast Tumor Evolution”

2015 - Lisa M. Coussens, Oregon Health and Science University, “Inflammation and Cancer: Good Cells Behaving Badly”

2014 - Valerie Beral, University of Oxford, "Rosalind Franklin and Cancer in Women

2012 - Titia de Lange, The Rockefeller University, "How Telomeres Solve the End-Protection Problem

2011 - Kathyrn Bloch Horwitz, University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus, "Origin of Luminal vs. Basal Breast Cancer Subtypes: Control by Steroid Hormones and Notch Signaling

2010 - Leslie Bernstein, City of Hope National Medical Center, "Reducing Breast Cancer Risk Through Biology, Epidemiology, and Serendipity

2009 - Carol Prives, Columbia University, "New Insights into p53 and Mdm2

2008 - Nancy Davidson, Johns Hopkins University, "Epigenetics and Breast Cancer“

2007 - Alice Whittemore, Stanford University, "Preventing Deaths from Breast and Ovarian Cancer“

2006 - Joan A. Steitz, Yale University, "More Surprises of snRNPs

2005 - Joan S. Brugge, Harvard Medical School, "Probing Mechanisms of Breast Epithelial Oncogenesis in a 3D Culture Model

2004 - Janet Rowley, University of Chicago, "Analysis of Gene Expression in Leukemia in the 21st Century

2003 - Margaret Spitz, MD Anderson, "An Approach to Studying Genetic Susceptibility of Lung Cancer“

2002 - Maxine Singer, Carnegie Institute