Patients and Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is radiation therapy at the NCI right for me?

We treat a wide variety of men with all types of prostate cancer from low risk to metastatic prostate cancer on clinical trials. Please contact us at 301-495-5457 or send an email to to arrange for a consultation if you are interested in participating in one of our research studies.

How much does it cost to receive radiation therapy at the NCI?

Radiation therapy at the NCI is of no charge to research participants.

How does my participation contribute?

Our mission here is to advance the frontiers of science specifically as it relates to prostate cancer. Your participation in our clinical trials helps to generate information to help improve the treatment of prostate cancer for all men.

Where can I find more information about prostate cancer?

Please click the following links for additional resources.


To refer a patient for treatment at the NCI, please send an email to  Our research coordinators, Theresa Cooley-Zgela, RN, and Debbie Nathan, RN, will get you in touch with the appropriate provider.