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Aligned Blog: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the histories cultures and contributions of “American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.” This year, we learned about Hispanic pioneers in the biomedical workforce and interviewed some of CCR’s very own. 

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Aligned Blog: Mentoring Across Difference

For many people, navigating higher education and entering the workforce can be challenging but having a good mentor, especially one who considers how your background impacts your lived experience, can make a difference. In this blog, the Office of Equity and Inclusion's newest team member, Sonia A. Garcia, Ph.D., writes about her experience navigating through a Ph.D. program as a first-generation Latina student and the importance of mentoring across difference.

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Aligned Blog: Exploring the Model Minority Myth

May is Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Island Heritage (AANHPI) month! This month provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of the AANHPI community to society, culture and beyond. This year, I challenged myself to learn about something new: the Model Minority Myth. What is the myth and how does it affect the AANHPI community?

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Aligned Blog: Reflecting on Black History Month

Black History Month reminds me to take time to appreciate those who came before me to pave the way for my success and to celebrate all that we as a people have achieved despite the many obstacles placed before us. This month I enlisted some friends and colleagues to share what they love about Black History Month and although it means something slightly different to each of us, we all delight in celebrating our past, present and future!

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Aligned Blog: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! For this edition of Aligned, I thought I would celebrate some of my Latino/a/x friends and colleagues here at the Center for Cancer Research. I asked each of them to “Tell me why your Hispanic Heritage is important to you (and something you love about it).” I hope they inspire you to learn more about the many ways in which we have all benefitted from their Hispanic Heritage.

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