Caroline Jochems Frohlich, M.D., Ph.D.

Caroline Jochems Frohlich, M.D., Ph.D.
Staff Scientist
Head, Cellular Immunology Group

Team Member of:

Dr. Jochems Frohlich focuses on translational research investigating combinations of novel immunotherapeutic approaches to target various human cancers. Her group uses a combination of in vitro and in vivo studies in syngeneic and humanized mouse models to evaluate new immunotherapeutics, as well as combinations of immunotherapeutics with non-immune-based therapies

Areas of Expertise

1) cancer immunotherapy, 2) clinical trials, 3) tumor immunology, 4) cellular immunology, 5) immune biomarkers

Contact Info

Caroline Jochems Frohlich, M.D., Ph.D.
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute
Building 10, Room 8B09
Bethesda, MD 20892
Ph: 240-858-3458

The Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology develops novel immunotherapeutics that are translated from hypothesis-driven preclinical studies to clinical trials. The Cellular Immunology Group conducts translational research investigating combinations of new immunotherapeutic approaches to target various human cancers.  We conduct both in vitro and in vivo studies in syngeneic and humanized mouse models to evaluate novel immunotherapeutics, as well as combinations of immunotherapeutics with non-immune-based therapies. Our group also studies patients' immune responses to provide critical information toward the development of more effective immunotherapeutic approaches to cancer. 

NIH Scientific Focus Areas:
Cancer Biology, Clinical Research, Immunology
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Selected Key Publications

  1. Jochems C, Tucker JA, Tsang KY, Madan RA, Dahut WL, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Gulley JL, Schlom J.
    Cancer Immunol Immunother. 63(4): 407-18, 2014. [ Journal Article ]
  2. Boyerinas B, Jochems C, Fantini M, Heery CR, Gulley JL, Tsang KY, Schlom J.
    Cancer Immunol Res. 3(10): 1148-1157, 2015. [ Journal Article ]
  3. Jochems C, Hodge JW, Fantini M, Tsang KY, Vandeveer AJ, Gulley JL, Schlom J.
    Int J Cancer. 141(3): 583-593, 2017. [ Journal Article ]
  4. Jochems C, Tritsch SR, Pellom ST, Su Z, Soon-Shiong P, Wong HC, Gulley JL, Schlom J.
    Oncotarget. 8(43): 75217-75231, 2017. [ Journal Article ]
  5. Jochems C, Tritsch SR, Knudson KM, Gameiro SR, Rumfield CS, Pellom ST, Morillon YM, Newman R, Marcus W, Szeto C, Rabizadeh S, Wong HC, Soon-Shiong P, Schlom J.
    Oncoimmunology. 8(2): e1532764, 2018. [ Journal Article ]

Caroline Jochems Frohlich received her M.D. from Gothenburg University, Sweden, and her Ph.D. in Immunology from the Institute of Medicine at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden in 2008. She subsequently joined the NIH as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology and was appointed as a Staff Scientist in 2019. Dr. Jochems Frohlich has authored approximately 50 scientific publications.

Name Position
Samuel Troy Pellom, Jr. Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (CRTA)
Nicholas Roller M.S. Biologist (Contr.)
Claire Smalley Rumfield Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (Contr.)