Women in Chemistry

Our Mission

To highlight the work of influential women in the chemical biology field, to promote advancement of women in chemistry, and to provide networking opportunities among female fellows and with established women scientists.

Tania Lopez-Silva

Tania Lopez-Silva
Post-doctoral Fellow
Sierra Marker

Sierra Marker
Post-doctoral Fellow

Srijani Sarkar
Post-doctoral Fellow
Jennifer Smith

Jen Smith
Post-doctoral Fellow

Victoria (Tori) Klein
Post-doctoral Fellow (NIDDK)

Come join us!

Are you interested in building a network amongst women in chemical biology?  We are looking for post-baccalaureate and post-doctoral fellows that would like to be part of the CBL Women In Chemistry.  It's a great way to meet other fellows and to help building your CV/resume. If interested, please email any of the co-chairs.

CBL Women Highlight:

March is Women's History Month - Meet Dr. Euna Yoo, Stadtman Investigator

CCR-FYI Newsletter

Interested in contributing to our women in science section or have a topic you would like to see in the Newsletter? Contact Tania and Sierra.

Upcoming Events

In addition to the Molecular Discovery Seminar Series and the Careers in Chemistry Seminar Series, see below for other events of interest.

date TIME title speaker/host Location
5/19/22 11:00 am Molecular Discovery Seminar Series: 
"A DUB-Focused Chemical Biology Platform"
Dr. Sara Buhrlage
(Harvard Medical School)
Zoom link
5/25/22 1:30 pm CCR Fellows & Young Investigators-Seminar Series (CCR FYI-SS)  Thea Spindel
Timothy Kung
Webex link
5/26/22 11:00am Molecular Discovery Seminar Series: 
"Revealing the Human Mucinome"

Dr. Stacy A. Malaker
(Yale Univ)

Zoom link
6/8/22 1:30 pm CCR Fellows & Young Investigators-Seminar Series (CCR FYI-SS)  Dr. Raisa Glabman Webex link
6/9/22 12:00 pm CCR WSA "Chat with Women Trainees and Investigators" Hosted by Kathrin Muegge/Esta Sterneck 549 Cafe
Conference Room C
6/22/22 1:30 pm CCR Fellows & Young Investigators-Seminar Series (CCR FYI-SS)  John Fenimore
Idris Barakat
Webex link

Career Building Resources for All Fellows

Here you will find links to fellowships, workshops, seminars, etc. that are for all Fellows who are interested in career building.

Funding Opportunities

Committees and Social Events


Monessha Nambiar and Sierra Marker win the Sallie Rosen Kaplan (SRK) Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women Scientists_2022-02.pdf