Essential to our research enterprise are professionals supporting a variety of vital tasks in our laboratories from basic day-to-day operations to designing and conducting experiments.

Available Laboratory Support Jobs

Title Location Organization Keywords Date Posted
Staff Scientist - Cancer Genomics Bethesda Laboratory of Pathology

Cancer Genomics

December 3, 2019
Staff Scientist - Clinical Genomics, Next-gen sequencing Bethesda Laboratory of Pathology

Clinical Genomics, Next-generation sequencing

December 3, 2019
Staff Scientist - cellular immunology, cancer immunotherapy Bethesda Surgery Branch

Cellular Immunology, Cancer Immunotherapy

November 12, 2019
Staff Scientist - thyroid cancer, endocrine oncology Bethesda Surgical Oncology Program

thyroid cancer, endocrine oncology, tumor microenvironment, drug delivery

November 12, 2019
Staff Scientist - Immunotherapy, Lymphocytes Bethesda Surgery Branch

Immunotherapy, Lymphocytes

November 7, 2019
Staff Scientists - Bioinformatics, data analysis Bethesda Cancer Data Science Laboratory

Bioinformatics, data analysis, machine learning

September 25, 2019
Bioinformatician - cancer, genomics, RNAseq Bethesda Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology

immunotherapy, cancer, genomics, RNAseq

February 6, 2019

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