Timeline of Center for Cancer Research Landmarks

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Center for Cancer Research (CCR), we have compiled this timeline to highlight the scientific discoveries and the positive public health impact of 20 years of CCR research.

The CCR was created in March 2001 by merging two vital components of the National Cancer Institute’s Intramural Research Programs — the Division of Basic Sciences and the Division of Clinical Sciences — to promote closer links between basic researchers and clinical investigators.

Now CCR is home to more than 240 basic and clinical research groups. In the last 20 years, work from CCR investigators has led to fundamental insights into biological processes, the development of new cancer drugs, innovative vaccines and groundbreaking technologies that enable basic discovery and are used in the clinic every day to diagnose and treat patients.

For more CCR successes since 2001 not featured on this timeline, please view our highly cited papers .