Office of Scientific Programs at CCR

The Office of Scientific Programs is committed to providing support to CCR principal investigators, staff scientists, and staff clinicians. 

Support includes:

  • Facilitating the site visit review and implementation process
  • Assisting and guiding tenure track investigators through the tenure process
  • Coordinating promotion panel activities and quad reviews
  • Preparing nomination packages for scientific awards 


Questions can be directed to any of our staff members.

Contact Information

4 West Drive
Quarters 15D2, Rm 103
Bethesda, MD 20892

Building 428, Rm 49
Frederick, MD 21702

Beverly A. Mock, Ph.D.
Beverly A. Mock, Ph.D. Associate Director 240.760.6942
  • Oversight of Site Visit/BSC Review & Implementation
  • Tenure Track Investigator (TTI) Ombudsperson
  • Tenure Review Panel (TRP) Exec. Secretary
  • Clinical Tenure Review Panel (CTRP) Exec. Secretary
Yamini Dalal, Ph.D.
Yamini Dalal, Ph.D. Senior Advisor for Faculty Development 240.760.6591
  • Advisor for Early Career Investigators: Tenure Track & Physician-Scientist Early Investigators
Gretchen White, M.S.
Gretchen White, M.S. Scientific Program Specialist 301.846.5804
  • Site Visit Coordinator (Frederick)
  • Technology Transfer Awards
  • TTI Contact in Frederick
Cynthia Masison, Ph.D.
Cynthia Masison, Ph.D. Scientific Program Specialist 240.781.3356
  • Site Visit Coordinator (Bethesda)
  • Site Visit Implementations
  • Promotion Review Panel (PRP) Exec. Secretary
  • Staff Scientist (SS) Quad Reviews, SS Liaison
  • Award Nominations
Geoffrey Kidd, Ph.D.
Geoffrey Kidd, Ph.D. Scientific Program Specialist 240.781.3336
  • Site Visit Coordinator (Bethesda)
  • Clinical Review Panel (CRP)
  • Staff Clinician Quad Reviews
  • Award Nominations
Tim Rosean, Ph.D.
Tim Rosean, Ph.D. Scientific Program Specialist 240.781.4054
  • Site Visit Coordinator (Bethesda)
  • Award Nominations
  • Staff Clinician Quad Reviews
  • TTI Contact in Bethesda
  • TTI Career Development Strategies
Theresa Bolton
Theresa Bolton Scientific Program Analyst 240.760.6936
  • Coordinator, Site Visit/BSC Reports & Responses
  • Coordinator, TRP & CTRP Activities
  • Promotion Packages for PRP/CRP/TRP/CTRP

Activities We Support

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