Elizabeth A. Conner, Ph.D.

Elizabeth A. Conner, Ph.D.
Senior Technical Laboratory Manager
Head, CCR Genomics Core

Dr. Conner manages the CCR Genomics Core, which provides NCI intramural investigators with a range of genomics technologies, available either as services delivered by the Core or as walk-up access to specific instrumentation and technologies.

For more information, visit the CCR Genomics Core.

Areas of Expertise

1) genomics, 2) sequencing, 3) gene expression, 4) digital PCR

Contact Info

Elizabeth A. Conner, Ph.D.
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute
Building 37, Room 2135
Bethesda, MD 20892-4256
Ph: 240-760-7373

The CCR Genomics Core (Building 37) is affiliated with the Genetics Branch. This core, under the supervision of Dr. Liz Conner, supports the NCI-CCR scientific research community by providing training, instrumentation, and expertise for a range of genomics technologies.

Established Technologies:

  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Nanostring Digital Gene Expression Analysis
  • Next-Generation Sequencing on Illumina Mi Seq & NextSeq500
  • Fluidigm C1 Single Cell Autoprep System for Genomic Analysis of Single Cells
  • Bio-Rad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

For more information or to access services, visit the CCR Genomics Core.

NIH Scientific Focus Areas:
Genetics and Genomics

Selected Recent Publications

  1. Marquardt JU, Gomez-Quiroz L, Arreguin Camacho LO, Pinna F, Lee YH, Kitade M, Domínguez MP, Castven D, Breuhahn K, Conner EA, Galle PR, Andersen JB, Factor VM, and Thorgeirsson SS.
    J. Hepatol. [Epub ahead of print - Apr. 30], 2015. [ Journal Article ]
  2. Masuda T, Zhang X, Berlinicke C, Wan J, Yerrabelli A, Conner EA, Kjellstrom S, Bush R, Thorgeirsson SS, Swaroop A, Chen S, and Zack DJ.
    J Neurosci. 34: 15356-68, 2014. [ Journal Article ]
  3. Akita H, Marquardt JU, Durkin ME, Kitade M, Seo D, Conner EA, Andersen JB, Factor VM, and Thorgeirsson SS.
    Cancer Res. 74: 5903-13, 2014. [ Journal Article ]
  4. Lee YH, Seo D, Choi KJ, Andersen JB, Won MA, Kitade M, Gómez-Quiroz LE, Judge AD, Marquardt JU, Raggi C, Conner EA, MacLachlan I, Factor VM, and Thorgeirsson SS.
    Cancer Res. 74: 4752-61, 2014. [ Journal Article ]
  5. Kitade M, Factor VM, Andersen JB, Tomokuni A, Kaji K, Akita H, Holczbauer A, Seo D, Marquardt JU, Conner EA, Lee SB, Lee YH, and Thorgeirsson SS.
    Genes Dev. 27: 1706-17, 2013. [ Journal Article ]

Dr. Conner received her B.A. from McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College) in 1987, graduating Cum Laude in biology.  She received her Ph.D. in 1993 from the Program in Toxicology at the University of Maryland Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland where she studied biochemical mechanisms of cell injury from toxic metals and the regulatory roles of high-affinity metal binding proteins in mediating cell injury. Her career at NIH began in 1993 as a postdoctoral fellow, in the Laboratory of Experimental Carcinogenesis (LEC) at the NCI under Dr. Snorri Thorgeirsson.  Her research focused first on gene amplification as an indicator of genomic instability. Later, she became interested in the role of growth factor signaling in liver tumor development and generated a transgenic mouse model that overexpresses E2F1 and c-myc in the liver.   In 1999 Dr. Conner was put in charge of the LEC transgenic mouse facility, generating numerous transgenic and knock-out mouse lines that reproducibly developed liver cancer.  Dr. Conner served as the technical laboratory manager for the LEC from 2002 to 2014 where she continued her research on the molecular pathogenesis of human liver cancer. In 2014, Dr. Conner joined the Genetics Branch as the manager of the CCR Genomics Core.

Name Position
Steven W. Shema B.S. Research Chemist
Desiree Tillo Ph.D. Bioinformatics Analyst I (Contr.)
Qin Wei Ph.D. Research Biologist