Michael Boylan, Ph.D.

Michael Boylan, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Michael Boylan is a Research Fellow interested in fibroblast growth factor signaling and its role in paraxial mesoderm patterning and morphogenesis in the mouse embryo. He has expertise in using advanced tissue labeling and imaging techniques to investigate gene and protein expression, as well as experience in using complex mouse genetics, to study FGF signaling in novel contexts.

Areas of Expertise

FGF Signaling
Somite Development
Mouse Embryogenesis
Sclerotome Development
Hybridization Chain Reaction


Selected Recent Publications

Hepatic leukemia factor-expressing paraxial mesoderm cells contribute to the developing brain vasculature

Koui Y, Ideue T, Boylan M, Anderson MJ, Osato M, Suda T, Yokomizo T, Mukouyama YS
Biol Open. 11(9): 2022.
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The Fgf8 subfamily (Fgf8, Fgf17 and Fgf18) is required for closure of the embryonic ventral body wall

Boylan M, Anderson MJ, Ornitz DM, Lewandoski M.
Development. 147(21):
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Generation and validation of novel conditional flox and inducible Cre alleles targeting fibroblast growth factor 18 (Fgf18)

Hagan A, Boylan B, Smith C, Perez-Santamarina E, Kowalska K, Hung I, Lewis RM, Hajihosseini MK, Lewandoski M, Ornitz D.
Dev Dyn. 248(9): 882-893, 2019.
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The Drosophila insulin receptor independently modulates lifespan and locomotor senescence

Bin Haji Ismail MZ, Hodges MD, Boylan M, Achall R, Shirras A, Broughton S.
PLoS One. 10(5): 2015.
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