Bruce M. Paterson, Ph.D.

Bruce M. Paterson, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute


Dr. Paterson pioneered the use of cell-free protein synthesis systems in the analysis of gene function. He co-developed the wheat-germ cell-free protein synthesis system, one of the first methods used to analyze functional mRNA levels in normal and transformed cells and tissues. He was a major contributor to the study of myogenesis in both vertebrates and in Drosophila, and was one of the first to demonstrate RNAi knock-down to study gene function during Drosophila development. He demonstrated that tissue-specific microRNA regulatory networks buffer gene function critical to cell homeostasis and differentiation, where the disruption of either can lead to cell transformation and cancer.

Areas of Expertise

Cell-free Protein Synthesis
Drosophila Development
RNAi Gene Knock-down
Micro RNA Circuitry
SiRNA Function