Tumor Biology and Immunology

The Comparative Brain Tumor Consortium is collaborating with National Center for Advanced Translational Sciences to complete whole exome sequencing on canine meningioma samples. Results will be published and made publicly available.

This effort is being led by Dr. Renee Chambers and Dr. Gregory Tawa.

In 2016, the NCI provided Administrative Supplements for P30 Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSG) to Support Research in Canine Immunotherapy via Collaboration of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers and Veterinary Medical Colleges. The supplemental funding was provided to promote expanding knowledge of canine cancer immunotherapy in the area of mutational load and neoantigens of a small number of specific canine organ-site tumors. Six tumor types were selected: B-cell lymphoma, melanoma, bladder cancer, osteosarcoma, glioma, and breast cancer (and their normal cell equivalents). The goal is to characterize the immunogenic mutational load (neoantigens that can strongly bind canine MHC type I antigens) in 25 cases of each of these tumors in advance of testing the suitability of canine models for the study of single and combination immunomodulating agents, molecularly targeted drugs or chemotherapeutics.

Results from the P30 awardees will be made publicly available.